Adorable Baby Girl Thinks All Animals Are Puppies

AFVPublished: July 3, 2018
Published: July 3, 2018

Kids absolutely love going to the zoo to meet all kinds of animals. That's just one of the most exciting outings they can imagine. The way they react to all the different animals they encounter is absolutely priceless. And the reactions of the baby girl form this video are no exception. Forget what you think you knew about different names for all the different animals because this baby girl is here to make it all a lot more simple for you! This is probably this baby girl’s first time in the zoo and she’s having the best time ever. This video show a series of her reactions to all the different animals she meets. First off, she sees a bear. She points at the bear and says “puppy”. Puppy? LOL! That’s a big puppy! Zebras, elephants, tigers, birds, they are all puppies according to this hilarious little girl. She sees different kinds of birds and calls them all puppies! Absolutely priceless!

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