Adorable Toddler Boy Can’t Be Tricked Into Having A Shower

Published July 3, 2018 30 Views

Rumble This video is too cute for words! You absolutely have to take a moment to check it out! As the clip begins, you can see that a little boy is having a conversation with his dad. The toddler boy repeats words after his dad to ask for a brownie but when his dad sneaks in that the boy will shower after the brownie, the boy stops repeating and reacts in such a hilarious way. Here’s the whole sentence that the boy repeats after dad: “Daddy, can I get a plate for my brownie, please? Daddy, then I promise I will go shower…” but instead of repeating the word “shower” the little by just says “No!” in the most determined way imaginable. LOL! Oh, how cute is he? You can’t trick a trickster, that’s the expression that this little boy goes by. LOL! You can’t trick him into having a shower! Too cute to handle!