Compilation Of Baby Animals That Proves How Wonderful The Animal Kingdom Can Be

Published July 3, 2018 4,347 Plays

Rumble / CompilationsFrom lizards to mammals, from birds to amphibians, the animal kingdom is full of super cute creatures that are all around us and because we live in the rat race and in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we rarely stop to contemplate the beauty of nature. With the modern life of fancy mobile phones, tablets and laptops, the outside world has somehow become of second or no importance to us. Instead of going out in nature and turn on the button of inquisitiveness and curiosity, we spend our free time being couch potatoes in the confinements of our flats. So, it’s a great idea that all those digital devices that play a central role in our hectic lives and take one hundred percent of our time to be replaced with the wonders of animals that surround us.

We can’t deny that we all have at least a park, a field, a hill or a mountain near the place we live and we can kill time by actually exploring all these places. Maybe the compilation that you are going to see, will serve like a motive and a reminder to hang out more with animals in nature and the antics they can offer. It is not only beneficial for your health, but having an animal by your side will make the gloomiest day sunny and the hardships of life more bearable. Especially if you take care of newborn animals which we know that they raise the serotonin levels in our bodies. This compilation is of animals babies and it features ducklings, calves, kittens, rhinos and dogs. We are sure that it will put a smile on your face or at least it will provoke positive feelings. The first footage is of adorable ducklings with their squeaky voices that will steal your heart. They are so small that they can flap their flippers in a water bowl, sometimes swimming on top of each other, but where’s the fun of splashing if not in rolling around your fellow friends.

What about witnessing the birth of a baby cow when riding in your car and out of nowhere, there you see mommy cow giving birth to her baby. What can be more majestic that that? It’s not a sight you see every day and it’s worth spending your time filming the whole process. Experiences and memories are what we are left with in this life, so why not make the best of them? Just take a look at this newborn calf and its brave attempt to overcome its wobbly legs in order to show mommy how strong it is. It’s a real miracle, isn’t it?

When it comes to cats and dogs, we can only say that if they get on well from the very beginning, they will become the best of friends for sure. Or in the case of this kitten, she goes to the extent of thinking that the husky is her precious momma. Of course, the closest thing she sees when she opens her eyes is this husky, so she wants to snuggle with him. What an adorable scene! The husky doesn’t oppose to the wishes of the cat, instead, he licks her and gives her the feeling of warmth and security. That’s how friendship rolls.

In the world of wild animals, rhinos take the first place with this baby rhino trying to scare off a safari vehicle, but no matter how courageous it is, it chickens out and he runs away back to its parent. Oh my, have you seen a green great dane baby? Well, this mother gave birth to a green baby and she cherishes the first moments with her child, fantastic, isn’t it?


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    Why was the puppy green??

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