Adorable Bulldog Wants Ice Cream

AFVVirals Published July 3, 2018 21 Plays

Rumble When it comes to ice cream, count me in! I don't care if it is winter or summer, it's always ice cream season! Who's with me? I know this precious bulldog definitely is. A woman in this video is eating ice cream, while comfortably sitting on a chair. However, there's someone else who wants some of that ice cream. Can you guess who is it? It's her adorable canine friend, the cute bulldog. He climbs into her lap and keeps trying to take a spoonful of ice cream. The woman moves the spoon each time, but her precious canine friend is not giving up. Oh, what a hilarious sight! But, this woman is right for not letting her adorable dog have ice cream. Even though they might like it, it's not as healthy for them. But, there are some foods which are great for our canine friends. For example, you can give them salmon. That's an amazing human food which they will love and it will have many benefits for them. But, make sure it's cooked first.