Little Girl Enjoys A Toy Car Ride In The Middle Of The Wedding

AFVVirals Published July 3, 2018 2 Plays

Rumble Having kids as a part of a wedding ceremony is the cutest thing, however, kids being kids, they sometimes can’t keep it together. And to be honest, expecting kids to behave like adults is a bit too much. This is why the bride most certainly forgave this cutest ring bearer ever for stealing the spotlight for a moment!\nThe little girl who was a significant part of the ceremony couldn't walk down the aisle, because she’s still a baby. She was dragged in her toy car. But she loved the ride so much, she was yelling “weeee” all the way to the altar! LOL! She’s the cutest little munchkin! She doesn't care that the wedding ceremony is on! She just wants to enjoy her ride. I get you, little kid. Weddings can be snooze fests, so having a little bit a fun of your own is nothing bad, right? What a cute little girl!