Girl Pranks Her Sister With A Hose, Ends Up Falling In The Pool

AFVViralsPublished: July 3, 2018
Published: July 3, 2018

Do you love pulling pranks on your loved ones? Yep, no one can resist it. Check out this hilarious video and see what happens when you don’t think through your prank. The girl is sunbathing by the pool in the backyard. Her sister is lurking with the hose. Her plan is simple - turn the hose on and sprinkle her with cold water. That’s a classic one! She is sneaking quietly. The sister is not suspecting a thing. She turns the hose on, but at last moment she decides that it would be super interesting to push her sister in the pool as well. However, once she started pushing sister, she fell in the pool as well! LOL! Prank on her! They both ended up soaking wet. Hilarious! These old-school pranks will never go out of fashion. I can’t wait to try and so the same thing to my sister! Although I'll be careful not to fall in! LOL!

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