Tot Boy Climbs A Rock

AFVViralsPublished: July 3, 2018
Published: July 3, 2018

When children put their mind to something, they do it! And the precious tot boy in today's video is here to prove that. He was at an amusement park with his family, and he noticed a huge rock which he decided to climb. His parents were nothing but supportive, so he decided to try it. The mother was recording the entire situation, while the father was there, next to the boy, in case something happens. But, luckily, nothing but success happened! It was a hard climb, but the little boy did it! And he was so cute while doing so. During his climb, he kept encouraging himself. LOL! He kept saying "You can do it", and it is such an adorable sight. It's obvious his family gives him the support he needs, and they encourage him to pursue his dreams! What a wonderful family. Keep up the AMAZING work! Precious!

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