Pimple popping so Painful

Published July 2, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Pimples that also every face but popping the pimple sometimes need some courage.
They can be painful as hell.
There are many cause for having a pimple. Age, Skin type etc
here in this video this man used the blackhead extractor to pop the pimple because the pimple was not that big and it was not easy to pop it with fingers.
but no matter the size of it, it was still a very painful experience. You can hear the sound when he popped it.
Why pimple popping is a painful thing? this is because when we try to pop any pimple we put extra pressure on the outer skin.
The thicker the skin would be more painful it will be to pop the pimple.
In this case also the outer skin layer was very thick as you can not see the yellow part of the pimple or you may say that the pimple was not ready to be popped and still he popped it and faced that tremendous pain for a second.