Woman Steals Pinwheel from Backyard

ViralHogPublished: July 2, 2018Updated: July 3, 2018158 plays$0.04 earned
Published: July 2, 2018Updated: July 3, 2018

Occurred on June 19, 2018 / Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Info from Licensor: "A woman wandered down the middle of our street at 6:30 in the morning wearing a white dress. We suspect she was looking for a home to steal from. When she makes it our house she stops and turns around, where we suspect she's communicating with a driver which house she's picked. She then walks up our driveway and through our gate to get to our backyard. She walks through the backyard looking around, and possibly spotting our cameras. She walks to our back gate without out taking or touching anything. We suspect she's waiting for her getaway driver. When the driver pulls up she is out of the yard for about a minute. Then she comes back into the yard and takes only our rainbow pinwheel before turning around and driving off. After posting the video to our personal social media, we had people come forward with the woman's information, including her name, Facebook page, and some of her history and accomplices."

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