Dog Fails To Catch A Ball Due To His Poor Coordination

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Published: July 2, 2018Updated: July 3, 2018

Remember all those times you humiliated yourself at school because you couldn’t catch a ball in physical education? One canine proves there’s always somebody worse than you at P.E. You’re not alone. You wouldn’t want this dog in your rounders team, or any other sport that involves some degree of hand-eye coordination. This lovable dog called Harvey is not like other dogs. He’s completely useless at playing fetch. But what he lacks in ability, he makes up for with enthusiasm and he loves playing fetch. Harvey leaps up, and even looks like he’s clapping an anticipation when his owner Whitney is about to throw the ball.

Let’s face it: dogs are often funnier when they don’t do what we want them to do. In that spirit, enjoy this hysterical video of Harvey failing at playing fetch. So what if the pups can’t (or won’t) catch or run after an object? Obedience and coordination can be so overrated. It’s not about timing at all, this pooch has a great timing when he jumps up high to catch the ball, what he really lacks is a proper coordination of his body with the direction of the ball it flies to. He jumps at the right moment and everything looks perfect. Harvey looks like he is so trained into catching things - he looks like a real professional. But appearances often lie, and the video is a real proof of the saying. Harvey totally misses the correct direction of the ball. When the ball flies on the right side, he flies on the left, as if the ball and the dog has different magnetic fields, and one is positive while the other negative - the dog simply deflects off the ball.

Maybe he just sometimes fails on purpose because he makes his owner laugh, and like anyone who’s terrible at sport, sometimes he gets lucky. This dog is a born entertainer and a clown at heart. He's always been hit and miss with catch, more miss than hit. Catching something is one of the simple tricks that dogs can learn. In fact, a dog can easily catch something if you throw him either a ball or a treat! However, not Harvey. When his owner, Whitney, throws the ball at him, he tries super hard to catch it in his mouth. But that’s a lot to ask of a dog who has no clue what he’s doing. In honor of Harvey’s adorable inability to catch the ball, his owner posted a video documenting how Harvey’s lovable slow-motion coordination fails him.

Oh Harvey! You made us laugh so hard! Just keep on trying, and maybe one day, you’ll master the skill of catching something with your mouth! When you’re teaching your dog how to catch it’s important to start with a soft object. If your dog gets hit in the face with something hard it’s not only painful, it will probably discourage him from trying to catch again. Using treats or a soft toy are great for teaching dogs to catch. If your dog isn’t motivated to catch on his own you can try playing a game of puppy in the middle.

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