Off-Road Driver Successfully Pulls Off His Truck Through Huge Rocks

Published July 2, 2018 82 Plays $0.10 earned

Rumble / Entertainment LifeColorado is a dream state for off-roaders, with some of the best backcountry, four-wheel-drive roads and trails. Off-roaders are from every walk of life, but there are two major groups: those who go off-roading in their cars, and those who take guided Jeep tours, possibly ending with a glass of wine at sunset on the trail. Both groups, however, are adventurers and see the journey itself, not the destination, as the reason they do what they do. With peaks stretching over 14,000 ft into the air and mountains just about everywhere you look, Colorado and the surrounding areas offer some of the most beautiful and hard to reach landscapes this country has to offer.

With its numerous mountains and rough, untouched terrain, Colorado offers plenty of excellent offroading spots for you to push your new truck and see exactly how much is that you can do. Whether you’ve been offroading for years or you’ve never been behind the wheel of a truck, if you crave adventures and off-road trips, then have a look at this video. It’s not actually a trip but it’s a short crazy ride through a rocky terrain that it leaves us with our mouths open. It’s a breathtaking video and a one which will lift up your adrenaline levels. The guy is brave enough to ride in his 1983 Toyota rock crawler. He effortlessly navigates his highly modified rig through a technical obstacle on one of Colorado's most challenging trails in Colorado.

At the beginning of the video, it looks like the guy has got himself stuck among the giant rocks and it looks impossible for him to move the truck. Obviously, he is an experienced off-roader and he knows what he is doing , so he hits the gas and lifts the truck above the huge obstacle in front of him until he finds himself on the other side of the rock. Since he doesn’t have a clear passage, he has to crawl with the truck on one side in order to get through the confined space of the rocks. It looks tough and challenging but he does it easily. He gathers up the momentum and gets out in the clear. He deserves our full attention and a long round of applause. Great job, brave guy!

While some people like off-road driving, others like drifting on wet roads. Drifting is one of those sports reserved for the most hard-core adrenaline seekers. It is a driving technique where the driver over-steers intentionally, causing the car to lose traction in it's rear wheels through a corner. Take a look at this video of a professional driver who demonstrates his impressive driving skills while maneuvering his car through one of the most terrifying roads. One wrong move could surely cost him his head.

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