Watermelon + 435 Rubber Bands = TROUBLE

AFVPublished: July 2, 2018
Published: July 2, 2018

You know how to make a watermelon fountain? Just tie hundreds of rubber bands around it, wait for it to crack and voila! A watermelon fountain! The guys in this video tried to make one, and failed in the most hilarious way!\nHere you’ll see a family making a watermelon rocket! And how are they doing it? Well, of course, they are tying rubber bands around a watermelon. And you know what happens next! The watermelon should explode! However, this watermelon refused to do so! Instead, it cracked, thus creating the most amazing watermelon fountain. So, the kids started drinking watermelon juice from the crack! Just amazing! But here comes plot twist! As the kids were drinking the sweet juice, the watermelon decided to explode! And BAM! There it goes! Luckily, these folks came prepared! They have their raincoats for the case of a watermelon rain! LOL! After watching this video, I can’t wait to try and make a watermelon fountain, how about you?

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