A Young Girl Jumps Off A Swing And Ends Up On The Ground

AFVVirals Published July 2, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Swinging on a swing is such fun but jumping off one while it’s still moving is absolutely thrilling! It’s one of most exciting things you can do on a playground! Even if you’re not a kid anymore and never did it before, you have to try it! It feels totally liberating! Just make sure you land on both of your feet and try to keep the balance! Or, check out this video and see how hilarious it can be! It shows a young girl who is getting ready to jumps off the swing in front of the camera. She takes a big swing before she jumps, but when she does, she loses her balance and ends up face down on the ground! OMG, you really have to see this! It’s one of the funniest jump offs I have ever seen! It’s so hilarious that it made me roll on the ground too, laughing! LOL!