Young Boy Breaks A Piñata And Runs Away With It

AFVViralsPublished: July 2, 2018
Published: July 2, 2018

No birthday party is complete without a piñata! It’s one of the most amusing traditions there is, and I absolutely love it! But just in case if you are not familiar with it, let me make a little introduction. A piñata is a container (or a box) made of paper or some sort of cloth, beautifully decorated, and filled with small toys and candies, and hanged on a ceiling or somewhere else to be broken by a birthday person as a part of the celebration. Just like in this video. But there’s a hilarious twist in it that you really have to see! This video shows a young boy who is getting ready to break his piñata. He is standing under the piñata with this huge stick in his hands and the blindfold on his face. His dad spins him a couple of times before he gets the chance to hit the piñata, but it looks like this funny young boy has a brilliant strategy how to break it, without losing too many candies from it. He hits it really high, takes down the whole piñata, grabs it and runs away with it before any other kids there get the chance to take any of his candies! LOL!

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