Little Girl Taped Her Eyebrows

AFVViralsPublished: July 2, 2018
Published: July 2, 2018

Kids have hilarious ides, but this kid went too far! She taped her eyebrows with a band-aid and now she can’t take it off without waxing her eyebrows! LOL! Her mom finds this whole thing hilarious (of course), but the little girl is not that thrilled. As soon as she starts pulling the band-aid, she starts crying. I bet this will be her first ever waxing! Just hilarious!\nThis happens because children are such curious creatures. They explore, question, and wonder, and by doing so, learn. They love exploring the world around them and discovering new things. Toddlers use all their available senses to try to figure out their environment, just like this little girl! She just had to find out how the band-aid works. The only thing is, she taped it to the wrong place! LOL! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see what happened in the end, but I can bet this kid lost her eyebrows. Or at least a part of them!

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