Gorilla charges son after taking playtime too far

Published July 1, 2018 301,750 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsLope and Shufai are having a play fight in front of their big silverback dad who is sitting quietly in the corner. When those two are tumbling a bit too close to Oumbi, the Silverback grabs Lope gently and turns him around without any effort. The brothers continue to play, but Lope gives Oumbi just that little glance of disapproval. Shufai continues to play with Lope while Lope is fighting dad’s arm, which is nearly the same size. Dad just can’t stop himself getting involved and keeps grabbing Lope, but Oumbi seems pretty relaxed with it all.

Lope decides it’s time to annoy dad some more by trying to grab his face. Little Shufai quickly runs to the other end because he probably knows what is coming. Lope continues by beating his chest in front of Oumbi and just being silly in general. That was the last straw for the silverback as he first pouts his lips and it takes only another chest beat from Lope to make those massive muscles move like a lighting strike launching towards Lope. His son managed to get away, but his dad certainly made his feelings very clear. He is still the boss!