Michael Moore Wants A Million People To Surround Capital To Stop SCOTUS Nomination

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Published: July 1, 2018

Moore also suggested surrounding the U.S. Capitol with “a million people” to stop Trump’s SCOTUS confirmation.

Trump is expected to nominate a new Supreme Court justice on July 9, and is considering a list of five to seven finalists, which includes two women.

During the interview on Friday, Maher asked Moore if he has a “Hail Mary” plan for the replacement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is retiring.

“Listen, the Senate right now is 50-49. Sadly, McCain will not be able to vote, so it’s a 50-49 vote,” Moore said. “C’mon. We’ve got to push it off til after November.”

“And I don’t trust every Democrat,” Maher responded.

“We have to hold the Democratic seats we have, but look, 90 percent of incumbents are always returned,” Moore said.

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