Divers Surface to a Massive Storm

cdngreenwaterdiverPublished: July 1, 2018Updated: July 3, 201813 views
Published: July 1, 2018Updated: July 3, 2018

Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean is a gorgeous small island. Only a short flight from the eastern United States this gem of a spot is easily accessible. Brent and his wife Elsa visited Grand Cayman for their second time, this trip took place in May. Although June is well known to be the beginning of hurricane season, and as told " the weather changes very drastically right in the first week of June, ALWAYS! " they still made the trip happen. Well that change came just a week early in 2018. After enjoying a great scuba dive off the northern side of Grand Cayman, everyone surface to what was a light rain shower. All aboard, the boat began its 20 minute, short cruise back to the channel through the reef and home to Compass Point, so everyone thought . Mother Nature had her own plans for this leisurely cruise home, she was definitely not happy this day. After about 10 minutes into the return, winds picked up, and the waves grew drastically. Heavy rains pounded the divers so soon everyone gathered within the small cabin . Most everyone was handling these high seas well except for two divers, and one being Elsa, she fed the fish a little that day. Even though the dive boat was only a few hundred yards off shore, the captain was unable to see the channel markers and opening through the reef. After donning a scuba mask and tightening his windbreaker jacket over his head, the guide was able to get to the bow and search for the markers and channel to guide the captain safely through. Once inside the reef everything smoothed out, except the rain. As we know, tropical storms can fade as fast as they build and this was true that day in May. Within the next 10 minutes, the storm passed and the sun came out just as the boat docked, making it much nicer for everyone disembarking and carrying their heavy scuba gear. Once again Mother Nature had the upper hand.

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