The Truth About Roslyn La Liberte

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Published: July 1, 2018

Looks can be deceiving. Upon looking at the face of Alan Vargas, a 17-year-old liberal activist from California, one might think, "Hey, that looks like a nice kid!" But one would be immensely wrong.

Like millions of other left-wing zealots, Vargas is a bully -- one who used social media last week to sic a mob on middle-aged white woman for the heinous crime of expressing her opinion about illegal immigration.

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  • 2 rumbles
    Conure96 · 23 weeks ago

    The young man in the video is not 17 year old Alan Vargas. It’s 14 year old Joseph Luevanos and he’s trying to defend her for the way she’s being treated. It’s nice to see him not getting caught up in the hype and trying to set things straight. Great example for our youth today to follow. I hope the media realizes this is all blown out of proportion and she stops being harassed and attacked.

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    StargazeyPi · 23 weeks ago

    Roslyn La Liberte is an adult. The kid whose face she screamed into was FOURTEEN. I don't care what her personal beliefs or opinions are - she's entitled to them. But NO ONE has the right to bully or threaten a child. Period. She's the adult, she should have known better.