Mother And Daughter Play Deodorant Phone Joke On Dad

Published June 29, 2018 18,317 Views $38.20 earned

Rumble / Entertainment LifeTexas residents Maria Villarreal and her mother decided to play a prank on Maria's father, who was asleep. They woke him up, asking him to take a call...but they didn't hand him a phone. As Maria says, the video is about she and her mom trolling her father, and they are more than successful. When Maria’s dad decided to take a nap, he probably did not expect to be woken up by a an emergent “phone call” from far away. But that is exactly what he got when his family discovered they had the perfect opportunity to prank him. We all know it is not a good idea to be the only person asleep in a house full of pranksters, but this man took his chances and ended up rolling on the floor laughing!

The two ladies decided that sleeping time is the perfect time to play some jokes on dad as he was in a state of oblivion when he woke up and realized that he had been trolled. Of course, these two had gone past the simple Knock-Knock joke and moved right into more advanced joke, so their prank took epic proportions. As daddy was sleeping like a log and snoring loudly, all of a sudden his wife shook him to wake up because you shouldn’t reject an emergency phone call. She put the “phone” on his ear and he, with dreamy eyes and still knocked out from his strong sleep, answered the call. The two ladies couldn’t wait until the joke is over, so they burst out laughing. Not being able to hear what the caller was saying, dad waited for a few minutes to make sense out of it. Until he became aware that all was staged. Because the phone was not a phone but a deodorant stick. The good thing is that this dad can accept a joke without making a drama so he joins his them in their hysterical laughter. All is well that ends well and this family knows how to make the best of their time. There is nothing better than making memorable moments with your family.

It turns out that when parents ally their forces with children, the result is marvelous. The prove to be closeted jokesters, and they can come up with some pretty funny nonsense pranks to play on the other members of the family. Take this mother and daughter for instance. They made the joke ten times funnier because the father is completely oblivious to their antics. The witty mother-daughter pack, takes pranks to a whole different level when they decided to do the deodorant phone prank on him. What’s the point of pranks if not embarrassing or tormenting the closest ones occasionally?

Laughing and having a great time! If you’re looking to play a joke on your kids or better yet on your parents, take a few lessons from this awesome family and use their prank when the opportunity arises. You are guaranteed to have unforgettable time and create memorable stories even when the joke is on you!