A Cute Cat Loves The Butt Scratch

Published June 29, 2018 8 Views

Rumble Cats are just the funniest. I adore their personality and quirkiness. They are the absolute rulers of our world, There is no one who can make us laugh so much. My cat one time got locked in the terrace and my mom heard him from the outside so she rushed to release him. Or one time he got lost in our building. He was meowing so hard everyone thought it was a wildcat. LOL! But when he’s not that funny, he’s a real cuddle monster. Just like this cat from the video.\nAs the video begins, we see a cute cat cuddling with her mom. In one moment we hear her calling to give her about the scratch. And the cat comes. We see she enjoys it so much! This is the same as my cat! LOL! They love to be scratched on their butts so much, and this is one of the funniest cat’s traits ever. HILARIOUS!

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