Kid Thinks His Hula Hoop Is Broken

AFVViralsPublished: June 29, 2018
Published: June 29, 2018

Ah, the forgotten art of a hula hoop! Do you remember that brief moment in the 90s when everybody was hula hooping? Today, it’s more about tablets and smartphones, but some kids are playing with this toy even in this modern day and age. However, hula hooping isn’t as easy as it looks like! Just ask this kid! His dad bought him a hula hoop and now the boy wants to return it to the store? And why? Because it’s not working! LOL! See, this boy thinks that a hula hoop should just spin around him, without any effort. OMG! It’s true! New generations are very spoiled! They expect everything to be easy, even the good old outdoor games like a hula hoop. Someone should explain to this kid that he’ll need to practice a bit before he becomes a hula hoop master. But I am not sure he’ll be patient enough! As you see, he is on the edge of giving up and returning to video games. LOL!

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