Loud lip-smacking groundhog will capture your heart

Published June 28, 2018 1,353 Plays $1.92 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsGrover the groundhog has suffered a little setback. He had been living happily at a zoo in Peterborough, enjoying all the freedom of a wild animal but with the added benefit of an occasional treat from members of the public and even the staff. He has burrows inside the yak enclosure and a few outside and his tunnels allow him free passage as he pleases. Although he is comfortable with people at a distance, he is not tame.

Grover's problem began however when he was accidentally stepped on by a large yak. These are enormous animals with big feet and very bulky bodies. Grover appeared to be seriously injured and zoo staff quickly figured out that he needed veterinary care.

Grover found his way to a veterinarian in Peterborough who is known for her love of all creatures and her willingness to treat wild animals when possible.

Grover was examined and found to have no serious injuries. Bruising seems to be the extent of it. His treatment and recovery will be very straightforward. He will spend a few weeks in a wildlife rehabilitation until they are sure that there will be no complications. Grover will enjoy a very easy life and a lot of nutritious food while he is there and will likely find that the experience is as close to life at the spa as a wild animal can experience.

While awaiting transport to the rehabilitation centre, Grover spent a little while in a carrier box at the veterinary clinic. He was given an assortment of spinach, apples, and carrots. He seemed to enjoy them all equally, but whatt was surprisinngly adorable was the very loud lip-smacking noises that he made while he ate. He showed no signs of being afraid of the humans who were examining and feeding him, although he also didn't show signs of wanting interaction. This is likely from living at the zoo where people are a common and non-threatening sight for him.
Grover captured the hearts of the staff at the clinic with his furry little face and poor table manners. Have a listen to his slurping and smacking and he will capture your heart as well.