Cute Girl With A Strange Name

Published June 28, 2018

Rumble Kids are so precious. And they are funny too! They can make us laugh because their imagination is endless. They can turn our world upside down and for the best. Every parent knows how much their life became better since they had a child!\nJust look at the girl from the video. She decided her family is the family of kitties. And her name is baby butthole! LOL! Who would pick that for a name? LOL! Her mom asks her then who is she, and she says she is mommy butthole. LOL! I think she would laugh at this when she grows old. I hope her mom would keep it as a memory. Either she will regret it or she will laugh at this. I can’t imagine what will happen when she meets her boyfriend and decides to introduce him to the family. Will they show him the video? Hilarious!

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