Three-Year-Old Girl Tells A Gripping Story

Published June 28, 2018 14,998 Plays $23.01 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsWe have grown up on stories narrated to us by our grandparents, parents and other elders in the family. Listen along as Claire tells an adorable little story for the camera. Cuteness overload! Since the beginning of the most stories start with ‘Once upon a time’, Claire didn’t forget to start the story in the same fashion. She is a fluent little child who she only makes a few breaks between one narrative and another just to make sure she doesn’t miss out on anything. Surprisingly, the story Claire tells, is not about a prince and a princess as they lived happily ever after but she has chosen to deal with a more gripping topic. Cinderella, Beauty and the beast, Tinkerbell are all behind her, she has outgrown them and their storyline is as old as the hills. So, instead of being boring for the audience, Claire opts for something more adventurous and exciting, we are all ears as we listen to her story. From what we could understand, her story goes as follows:

“Once upon a time I was walking in the jungle and I stopped… and when I stopped I just hold two snapping breeches. Then I knew I was surrounded with ugly bears and coyotes and one of the biggest coyotes grabbed me and I poked them and that made them startled and they let go off me and I ran as fast as I could until I got into my truck and drove home. And then I drove home to my mummy and daddy”. “And so you were safe”? - the elder lady asks her. “Yes” - answers Claire. The lady goes on saying how glad she is to hear that, when Claire finishes her story saying that the bear and the coyote never found her again.

Claire, with her blond wavy hair and strikingly blue eyes, has an imagination rich and wild that she uses for enriching her life with vivacious tales. Since sharing stories is as natural to human beings as eating and sleeping, it’s always a good idea to make time to tell your children one story more. Because they are fun and stimulate children’s imagination and their use of language. Claire’s voice and her body are her main tools and she uses them successfully to create pictures in the minds of the listeners. Watching her how excitedly tells the story and how much she enjoys doing that, makes us enjoy listening to her, too. Claire uses interesting and expressive words, she makes facial expressions appropriate to the mood of the story, she makes gesture like jumping in her seat when she mentions the word ‘grab’ to show how intense and scary it was. This cute girl is simply natural and a born storyteller.

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