Dog Jumps Like Kangaroo

Published June 28, 2018 1,479 Plays

Rumble Here’s a fact. Dogs love to jump. But some dogs jump better than others. This doggo is a jumping champ! An average kangaroo is nothing for this doggo! You won’t believe how this doggo jumps! He is just amazing! He is Michael Jordan of doggos! If there was a dog NBA, this dog would be the best jumper of all times, I tell you. But because there’s no such a thing, he’ll have to satisfy his jumping needs in the garden or in the backyard. Well, he is super hilarious, so I bet he’ll become the internet sensation in no time! Who doesn’t like viral doggo videos? I, for one, can sit and watch them doing their canine things all day long. I bet you are no different! Who can resist sweet, wonderful dogs? Especially when they are as silly and goofy as this one! What an adorable little doggo buddy, don’t you think?