Mother And Daughter Sing Beautiful Duet Together

vickyfatuPublished: June 27, 2018Updated: June 28, 2018553,272 views
Published: June 27, 2018Updated: June 28, 2018

5-year-old Sophie Fatu and her mother Victoria sing a breathtaking and powerful cover of 'Never Enough' from The Greatest Showman. You will definitely have goosebumps all over! Little Sophie started her singing career at the age of four, when she was featured on NBC's "Little Big Shots" with Steve Harvey. At the age of 5 Sophie was first invited to Ellen Show where she performed "Fly Me to the Moon". Sophie Fatu has been featured in print magazines, and represented over 50 brands. Her mother Victoria Fatu is an award-winning concert pianist and singer. She has curated her daughter's social media accounts and she has performed music made famous by composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

We have seen this musical prodigy sing a variety of tunes through the years, ever since they came out on The Ellen Show. Way back then, this dynamic girl became famous for their rendition Frank Sinatra’s songs. She drew national attention for singing his tunes. She is a prodigy child jazz singer whose cover of Frank Sinatra's "My Way" went viral in 2017. She published these cover videos on YouTube where she has amassed more than 80,000 subscribers on the victoriafatu channel. Her cover of the song "Fly Me to the Moon" has amassed 100 million views alone. She appeared on season 3 of Little Big Shots.

Sophie is very enthusiastic about entertaining the audience and doesn’t miss a beat while singing ‘Never Enough’. She doesn’t look nervous about singing songs for her huge audience. With that twinkle in her eye, it’s easy to see why: she’s a natural little entertainer who’s easy to adore. The mother-daughter duo looks adorably cute as they powerfully sing the cover of the song from the Greatest Snowman. The video is set in nature and it features Sophie dressed in a cream-colored dress, surrounded by lush nature, trees and greenery with vivid shades of green. She has a crown made of flowers, too on her head which only adds to her cuteness. Her hair is long and curly which matches her mother’s hair and they look beautiful together.

Her voice is smooth and clear and quiet yet powerful. Soothing, in a way. It is a promise of tomorrow and we wished that she would never stop singing. Her voice rolls over the hills in mighty waves. Swells of power rises up in her throat. It sounds as if the words don’t come from her if we have in mind that she is just a little girl with an incredibly schooled voice - it is real music. The mother-daughter final accords are accompanied with the twirling of their bodies as their princess-like dresses fly gracefully around, as light as feathers. We hope we will see some more of this girl in the future.

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