Soldier Reunited With Dog After Spending Nine Months Apart

Published June 27, 2018 21,127 Views $8.57 earned

Rumble / Everyday HeroesThis is the heartwarming moment when a loving pooch gives his beloved owner an emotional homecoming welcome! Leo, the dog, can be seen greeting his owner for the very first time when he returned home after a military deployment. What a reunion!

It is hard for our dogs to see us leave them for a few hours when we go to work. When they see us come back in the evening, there isn’t much they wouldn’t do out of happiness. Can you imagine what happens when we leave them for longer?

This guy had to leave his faithful dog while away for military service. He had been separated from his guy for nine months. So when the time came for his human to finally come home, Leo sure knew how to greet his owner the way he deserves.

Footage shows the exciting moment when the a massive pooch get ecstatic when his owner shows up at the front door, and immediately showers him wet kisses. It is a good thing that someone turned the camera on, because they knew what kind of drama they can expect from this emotional pooch, and they weren’t wrong!

Given their strong bond, these two can be seen engaging into a long hug, as Leo is jumping for joy over owner’s return! He is acting like a little baby who is waiting for his parents to come home! His pure happiness is contagious! Cuteness overload!

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You won't believe how happy this doggy is to see his owner after being away for nine months. Their precious encounter will definitely brighten your day. Check out this emotional reunion between Leo and his owner after being apart for nine long months. What a tearful moment!

When we think of dogs, most of us think of cute, cuddly creatures, that love to play catch, and jump on us when we come home. But they are much, much more than that. For some people, dogs are a difference between life and death, between happiness and misery. This video is the perfect example of that!

This is the adorable moment a dog is reunited with his owner – a soldier returning home from military duty- after spending nine months apart. There is no doubt Leo is overwhelmed with emotion when he sees his owner, and their loving embrace is giving us teary eyes!

Can you imagine what is going on inside your pet’s mind when you come back, after you have been gone for some time? No matter if you just went to the store for half an hour, to work for eight hours or a week long vacation - you are back with them and they couldn’t be happier!

Those reunions truly are the sweetest things to witness - tails wagging, barking and screaming until they pass out. Then they come to and start whining, barking and wagging their tails even more!

Deployed soldiers get the most insane reaction from their dogs. As they are overseas for most of the year, their dogs shake with excitement when they see their owners. They whine until their voices become hoarse and they still don’t stop the screaming!

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