A Cute Comedian Dog

AFVVirals Published June 26, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Stop with whatever you’re doing, we have a master impersonator here! If you thought humans are the best comedians, you were wrong! Yes, and I will prove it to you. Just watch this video. This dog decided that he wants to pursue an comedian career. And what is the funniest thing in the world? If you said imitating then you’re right. He decided to imitate a goat for start. And as the video begins we see this cute dog in action! We hear him making sounds that resemble the ones that goat is making. And it’s simply hilarious! Even though he’s not quite the same as the goat, he does it well and he deserves an applause. I don’t remember laughing as I laughed now watching this video. Funny as heck! I think he is bound to be the next star of Hollywood. Because, who can beat him? He’s so precious, I can’t even talk about it!