Give A Deer a Landry Basket

AFVViralsPublished: June 26, 2018
Published: June 26, 2018

Sometimes friends can be really boring! I hate those days when my friend comes over to grab a cup of coffee and constantly talks about herself and her life. Like I don’t even exist! Sometimes when I’m in those trap situations I’m thinking about how cool it would be just to mute them like you mute a boring YouTube video. But friends are not an online service and you have to listen to them even when they are boring.\nThis deer, however, found a perfect way how to get rid of the boring friend. And if I can say it’s quite an original way to do it as well. As the video begins we see a cute deer playing with a cat and a laundry basket. But it seems like the deer is going to trap the cat. And gotcha! He did it! LOL! Seems like he wanted to silence his annoying friend. LOL! Just like I want to do sometimes!

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