Boy Pranks Mom With Fart Cushion

AFVViralsPublished: June 26, 2018
Published: June 26, 2018

Fart and bathroom jokes never get old! What’s more hilarious than planting a fart cushion on your loved ones! LOL! It never goes out of fashion. This kid decided to prank his mom. But let me tell you, he is not subtle at all! He keeps telling his mom “SIT DOWN, SIT DOWN!” Plus, he laughs all the time. He should work on his poker face!\nAnd mom, obviously an experienced prankster, she is going along with the game. Every time her kid tells her to sit down, she stands up! LOL! So she is teasing him, he is teasing her. They are so adorable, I can’t handle it! In the end, mom gave in and sat down! OMG! That hilarious farting sound. The boy has totally cracked up! Awww… He is so cute! That smile was worth a farting embarrassment! And you can tell that mom is having fun, too! What a cute mom and son duo!

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