Kid Jumps Rope In The Weirdest Possible Way

AFVVirals Published June 26, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Did you jump rope when you were a kid? Oh, how I loved to do that! But today’s generations are so tech-savvy, they know nothing about outdoor games, as you are about to see in this video! \nThis kid is jumping rope in a backyard. Well, jumping is an overstatement. He is trying to jump a rope. But instead of jumping, he is just pulling the rope over his crotch! LOL! His mom is laughing out loud, she can’t stop herself! And the kid just keeps going on! So hilarious!!!\nIt’s no wonder this kid has no idea how to jump rope! Youngsters are obsessed with computers, tablets, mobile phones, video games. They just have no idea how to play these simple games!\nOnly half an hour per day could make this little boy jumping expert! All he has to do is practice a bit. And his mom could show him what to do instead of laughing at him! LOL!