Siberian Husky Simply Loves To Have Her Coat Vacuumed

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSiberian Huskies have a beautiful thick coat and a dense, soft undercoat. Caring for the representatives of this breed is quite simple, does not require a specific approach, experience and skills, because this breed was made for the purpose of pulling sleds and an active outdoor life without much pampering. However, the breed has reached such a popularity in the last two decades that we have opened the hearts and doors of our homes, bringing this dogs inside. This is why owners need to know how to properly care for their fur so that the dog looks well-groomed, and the coat is beautiful, shiny and elastic.

As the name implies, the original home of the Husky was the freezing steppes of Siberia, so the coat of the dog is a perfect protection against the piercing cold, freezing wind, frost and other atmospheric phenomena, and is also a barrier to water. The Husky would simply shake water or dirt off, as the surface hairs dry and get clean immediately, not reaching the inner layer. After returning home after a walk in a rainy weather, or and energetic play with other dogs in the park, all you need to do is wipe your dog with a dry towel. This is on one hand an advantage, but the fact that this inner coat needs to shed, and shed profusely comes a serious disadvantage when you share your home and sofa with this breed: they are known to leave lumps of heir absolutely everywhere around the house!

Here comes the genius idea to simply vacuum your dog and prevent all that mess. Well, easier said than done! Many dogs, especially puppies, are afraid of the noise the vacuum cleaner or the hair dryer makes. Often, this does not bring discomfort to the owners, because dogs manifest their fear by stepping aside and hiding when a vacuum cleaner approaches it. And this reaction can show as a very convenient one when cleaning, don’t you agree? It's another matter when the dog experiences such and amount of fear that you can plainly see it is suffering. We are not talking about whining, trembling, and hiding for hours.

This is Keyla, the only Husky in the Animal Household For Real, that would allow her owners to vacuum her coat. After enjoying being thoroughly brushed, one of her favorite activities just behind enthusiastically playing with her flatmates, she loves to rest on the carper while her owners are vacuuming her! She is not at all scared of the vacuum cleaner so many dogs tremble before! Look how readily she lays on the side holding her front paw up, as if saying: “Yes, human, right there, that’s the spot.”

She lays so peacefully as if mesmerized by the white noise coming out of the vacuum cleaner. It looks like she wants just a few minutes more after the owner is done cleaning, so he has to explain that soon, she will get another round of brushing and vacuuming. What a good girl!

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