Giant Tegu Lizard Captured in Backyard

Published June 24, 2018 480 Plays $0.46 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeOccurred on June 19, 2018 / Aurora, Illinois, USA

Info from Licensor: "Tegu Takedown between Lizard & Animal Control! Our six year old Boxer, Bandit wouldn't stop staring out the family room window. Then I saw a black and white tail go behind my John Deere wheelbarrow. Going to the backyard, I was shocked to come across what at first looked like a tiny dinosaur or alligator! What it was an Argentine black and white Tegu lizard. I tried to lure it into my Havahart trap with some melon, but it promptly ran under our deck. Knowing it doesn't belong in a midwest suburban backyard around kids or other small animals, I called our local Animal Control, who did an amazing job capturing it. The city will find a habitat it will thrive in, because you can't own one in a residence here! The video capture says it all!"