Adventurers In Alaska Stumble Upon A Grizzly Bear Fishing In A River

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Rumble / Close CallsThe grizzly bear is one of the species of brown bears. They inhabit the western part of Canada and Alaska. It is a massive bear that can grow 4 meters tall.

There are many accounts of encounters with the terrifying grizzly dating as early as the 19th century, telling of the ferocity of this animal. People used to say: “Woe to the man who met the grizzly”. The bear would at all times attack the person, not leaving space or time to shoot the beast, and the bear would tear the person to shreds. The Grizzlies are the supreme lords of the forest wilderness, the deserted plains and the mountain ridges.

Modern accounts of grizzly bear encounters tell a different story. In each case, grizzlies behave differently. Moreover, there are accounts of the same grizzly living in the same environment would behave differently in different circumstances. This, apparently, is due to the nature of the character of the beast and its mood at the moment.

One thing can be said with certainty: this bear’s supposedly extraordinary ferocity and aggressiveness are the result of an exaggerated imagination. The grizzly often runs away from the human after the first encounter because the animal senses danger and fears of the unknown. When the grizzly does attack or pretends to lounge an attack, it is not the wrath or the desire to kill that which drives it but by the reaction to an unfamiliar threatening situation. Usually in such cases the grizzly stands first on its hind legs. And this is by no means a sign of aggression, but a desire to get a better sniff and look closely at the object of concern.

The lifestyle and habits of the bears still remain largely unknown to us and mysterious. The man knows very little about these animals, although he managed to destroy them almost completely. And only recently, in gloomy, ice-clad mountains and gorges of the Clown Reserve, more or less systematic scientific observations began over grizzlies-these recent lords of the North American forests.

In the video on the top of the page, made by Aussie Dreamlivers, you can see the firsthand experience of Grizzly bear encounter. You can see the behavior of the grizzly bear, but more interestingly, the reaction of the people who know and heard of all the stories of grizzly bear encounters we talked about in above.

Adventurers hiking in Alaska have stumbled upon mamma Grizzly Bear fishing in the river with her cubs. Concerned about an attack they kept a solid distance snapping a few photos. It wasn’t long before her cub became curious.

What started off as a slight interest from the bears become a danger relatively quickly as both mamma and cub approached them. Within seconds they closed the distance and were less than 20m (22 yards) away. They were already retreating back from the direction they'd been hiking. After a few minutes of her briskly following them on the trail she eventually lost interest and disappeared into the woods.

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