Watermelon Rubber Band Experiment

Published June 22, 2018 179 Views

Rumble Imagine being in nature with your family having nothing to do! You’ve already walked, hiked, seen everything there is to see and now all you want is to have some fun! However, there’s nothing amusing to do, so you have to invent your own fun. The guy in this video did exactly that!\nFor some reason, he decided to put dozens of rubber bands around a watermelon. And why? To see how long will the watermelon hold. He has hundreds of them ready. The whole family is counting, and they also decided to film this unusual event. So, the guy is counting and when he comes to 67, BAM! The watermelon explodes in his face! Amazing! Of course, he got super scared, while his family totally cracked up! \nThis watermelon experiment can be also used in the science purposes - a watermelon can handle 67 rubber bands around itself. Who knows, maybe someone needs this info at some point… LOL!