Getting A Ticket Depends On The Model Of The Car

jsansw Published June 21, 2018 88,297 Plays

Rumble It has been a long running myth for decades and many people have actually opted out of buying the car they love due to this misconception. It's about time we get down to it and find out once and for all! Do red cars really get ticketed more often than other colored vehicles? Before you head to the dealership to trade in your red car or spend an exorbitant amount of money on a paint job, watch the video and find out what factors really do get drivers pulled over. You may be surprised at the answers.

It might be easy to blame your speeding ticket on the color of your car, but according to a 2010 Forbes analysis, it's not the color that makes a difference in which cars get stopped. It is actually the make and the model.

The age of the driver also plays a very big factor, and we know what you are all thinking. You are thinking that obviously it is women and young adults that clearly get pulled over the most, right? Well, here is a surprise for you! It is actually middle aged men getting stopped more than any other demographic.

To figure this out, Quality Planning (now called Verisk), analyzed data from one year of traffic violations. They counted each violation by model, then averaged the count violation per 100,000 miles driven. The car that received the most tickets was the Mercedes Benz SL-Class, which was four times more likely to receive a ticket than any other cars. And if we are being honest, I think we have all been driving on the highway to see one of these cars breeze by us like a rocket going much faster than those speed signs recommend. It must be true that if you have a car that has the ability to go really fast, it would be awfully tempting to get it up to speed, which is why we probably see this car on the number one "pulled over" list!

Astonishingly, the Toyota Camry came in second. Camry drivers are 3.5 times more likely than average to receive a ticket. Now this statistic is hard to understand, since most people would consider it a middle of the road vehicle, mostly driven by little old ladies, but we cannot argue with the results.

After these two models, luxury sedans and coupes are the most common car type on the list, which consist of half of the vehicles on the roads today. Those with SUVs and minivans are the safest, or at least considered the safest as they get pulled over and ticketed the least. This might be because it is assumed that they are carrying younger passengers, and are therefore driving more cautiously.

So we know everyone is going out to buy a SUV or minivan this weekend right? And the good news is that the myth has been disproved and we now know that you can go out and buy any minivan or SUV in any color you want...even red!