Newlyweds Receive Unique Chainsaw Wedding Send-Off On Their Big Day

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Rumble / Memorable WeddingsThere is something about the ritual of sending the newlyweds with cheers and music. In this unusual clip, friends and family decided to perform a unique wedding send-off by performing a chainsaw noise as the newlyweds were walking off the church following their wedding reception.

Footage, filmed on June 16, 2018 in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France, features the weird moment when people are gathered in front of a church to greet the newlyweds by performing a strange chainsaw concert, much to our amusement. Filmmaker explains that actually this was a way to show honor and respect from fellow lumberjacks to the married couple! How weird is that?

For a long time now, modern wedding tradition requires that the wedding celebration be opened with the wedding dance of the bride and groom. This makes for a beautiful beginning not only for the ceremony itself but of the married life as well. Whirling in the dance, looking each other in the eyes, feeling the warmth of the beloved or loved one's hands, one can feel the whole fairy-tale atmosphere of the moment and never forget to whisper heart-warming and gentle words of love.

But as it often goes, the desire to dance is, and the ability actually performs dance do not always go hand in hand. In order for the first newlyweds’ wedding dance to take place, in all its glory and detailed perfection, you must learn how to do it, and learn it fast. Then you should contact either a professional or a friend. Their role is to help the newlyweds’ with preparations of the entire ceremony, the choice of dance for the wedding, and also help with the important moments with the reception. All of this will help to ensure that the production of the wedding dance was successful both for the newlyweds and for the guests.

The video is just a perfect example of an amazingly choreographed and performed piece of wedding ceremony. In a very creative way, these newlyweds prefered to include a chainsaw noise as they walked out of the reception. How unusual and yet very unique way to celebrate one’s love! Should we search for any hidden messages?

Talking about unusual ways to celebrate the big day, this Sydney bride wanted something untraditional for her wedding and decided to hold a bouquet of doughnuts, instead of flowers, while walking down the aisle. This video shows the moment Kirk surprises her bridesmaids with the tasty-looking pastries, which have white toppings to match her dress. How unique!

In addition to the traditional wedding send-off, another indication that the party may begin is the first wedding dance. It symbolizes the couple entering in their mutual life together and it has become a tradition nowadays, for the bride and groom to perform a special dance on their big day. Many couples forego the traditional waltz as their first dance and opt out for something more up to date. We have seen plenty of videos where, instead of some classic song, the young lovers throw a jaw-dropping choreography to some mashup their threw together of songs that mean a lot to them. Or just have a groovy rhythm that makes you break out your best moves on the dance floor.

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