Dog Plays Fetch With A Tennis Ball Launcher

Published June 21, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Playing fetch with your dog is such fun! I really enjoy doing that! But if you have a dog who is too energetic and needs lots of running every day, it can be not only time-consuming but also exhausting! So, if you’re familiar with this situation, I believe you’re going to like this video a lot! It offers an amazing solution to your problem, and you simply have to check it out. Plus, it’s so cute and funny, that you don’t want to miss it in any case! This video shows an adorable dog who has learned how to play fetch all by himself using a tennis ball launcher! This smart pup takes a tennis ball, put it in the machine and waits for it to launch the ball. As soon as the ball is thrown, he runs to fetch it, brings it back, and repeats the whole process! Absolutely brilliant! LOL!