Mama Bear And Cubs Stroll Through Residential Neighborhood

6 years ago

A curious footage has emerged of a woman having a close encounter with a bear family crossing the road in a residential neighborhood. While on her way home, this woman captures footage of a mother bear and her cubs seeking some shade during a hot summer day. So cool!

This woman was driving around her neighborhood when she noticed a momma bear with two cubs coming out of the woods crossing the road in front of her car. She stopped and let them cross the road, naturally taking out her phone and recording the unusual encounter, and we are glad she did! What a sight!

Local bears are known for trashing people’s yards making a mess in a search for food. Bears appearing in families' yards and homes is not an unusual sight. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it can be really scary!

Reportedly, there are numerous examples of people witnessing a bear casually taking a stroll through their local neighbourhood. Sometimes they are blocking the road, other times they move across the neighborhood street and go into the nearby woods. Bears around people can be a real problem in case they become violent and start attacking property and residents. However, these creatures can be quite friendly too!

Take for example this curious video of a bear cub running across a golf course just to give golfers a hug, or perhaps give him some golfing tips. Golfers were in for quite the surprise when they spotted a black bear cub on the green, going towards them. Apparently, the little bear was lonely and decided to play a little golf with these humans! These two men were hoping for a nice, quiet game of golf, but the bear cub had another plan for their afternoon. Footage shows, a sweet, little bear cub walking across the golf field out of pure curiosity. It approaches one of the men and investigates him in detail by sniffing him from head to toe.

It is good that the man acted so peacefully and didn’t scare the bear away, so that the other man was able to capture this adorable clip! Talking calmly while not moving a muscle, the man allows the curious cub to investigate his body completely, and in one point the animal even stands on its hind legs and rests its front paws on the man, locking hands for a quick hug! Is this the friendliest bear you have seen or what?! Cuteness overload!

We all know how bears can get around trash cans and picnic baskets. You can go right ahead and blame Yogi the Bear for this ridiculous stereotype. Bears are opportunistic feeders, meaning they would like to spend the least amount of energy rummaging for their next meal, so they will eat everything they sniff out to be appetizing. However, usually that means that someone has to pick up their trash every morning.

A curious footage has emerged of a bear momma trying to cross the street at a residential neighborhood, much to people’s amusement and fear. Either way it sure is an incredible video!

This lady was in for quite the surprise when she spotted a bear family walking in front of her car. To her surprise, the bears weren’t violent and didn’t attack her car, they only minded their own business, and were soon off of the road, not obstructing woman’s path.

What would you have done in a situation like this? Would you wait for the bears to cross the road, or would you drive your car in the reverse and get away from them, as far as possible? We are really glad that this woman decided to stay calm and record the mom and her cubs. What an unusual encounter!

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