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Overly Attached Puppy Adorably Intrudes On Owner's Privacy

A hilarious video has emerged of one overly affectionate pooch intruding on owner’s privacy when she’s in the shower. All she wants to do is take a bath, but that is becoming rather difficult for this dog owner when her little Golden Retriever pooch won’t leave her side, even for a moment, and hovers over her every move. Time to queue up 'Every Breath You Take', the most appropriate song for this situation! Cuteness overload!

You can't have a puppy and still keep your privacy! Ollie the Golden Retriever is the cutest intruder ever! Taking a shower might become more of a challenge, but that's a very small price to pay for having this fluffy guy in your life! What a cutie!

We can all agree that pets are the best companions out there. If you are feeling lonely, sad, or even have no one to hang out with, that's a clear indicator that you must get yourself a pet. Whether it's a dog, a cat or possibly any animal that will provide you with as much attention and love as the dog on this video does towards his owner.

This owner will never feel alone due to the endless love and attention of their needy pet. This video just goes to prove how much our pets rely on us and that there is no limit to their love. This tiny pup does not have the strength to pull away for a bit as he follows his owner literally everywhere, even to the bathroom and in the shower! Apparently he doesn’t know that it is rude to invade on someone’s privacy and disrespect one’s alone time in the bathroom! How lovely!

If you've ever had a dog, you know how much cute and adorable they are. With their tails wagging when they're excited or their ears flapping when they run around, they can always make us go "aww". Dogs are the most precious when they are babies. We love to take care of them, hold their paws when they first visit the vet, give them baths, feed them and watch them sleep.

Dogs can be quite needy when it comes to their owner’s attention which is no surprise. Dogs are pack animals, desperate for contact and attention. This dog, in particular, cannot live without their owner’s love and attention, and if their owner is busy not playing or cuddling with them, they will go to surprising extents just to get their attention.

This video of a pooch invading on owner’s privacy in the shower, is the perfect example of needy pooch, going to extremes just to be near his owner. Watch as this tiny pooch follows owner to the bathroom, trying to sneak into the tub and remove the showering curtain, much to our amusement. We guess he just felt lonely and wanted to check on his owner! Hilarious!

Talking about needy pets and invading owner’s privacy, check out this video of a horse following owner like if she was her shadow! Video shows owner closing the door to get changed, but Sapphire quickly flings open the door to see what is going on and nearly knocks her over in the process! Usually, when we think of an animal that has zero respect for personal space, we think of cats instantly. Those things can really step on you! But maintaining personal space with any animals that you keep as a companion is crucial, both for safety and for bonding sake.

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