Parrot and owner share meal and special bond

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsEinstein the Talking Texan Parrot and his owner share a special bond that many people experience with their pets. It is fitting that on a day like Father's Day, the two of them would share a special meal. We are, after all parents to the animal companions in our lives as they depend on us for food, shelter and love. Jeff sits down to a dinner of steak, farro, green beans and broccoli. All of these are favorite foods of Einstein and Jeff. Einstein immediately starts to eat the farro! Jeff jokingly says, "Hey! Don't eat my dinner!" The look on Einstein's face was one of uncertainty until Jeff gives Einstein reassurance that it was OK and offers some grain to Einstein. If you share your life with any animal you come to realize they do understand you. It might the tone in your voice or the body language you exhibit. The human animal bond goes much deeper that you might think.

Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He likes to have conversations with his owners, talking and acting silly, and doing animal sound imitations. Watch him sing and dance in his video compilations! With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein the talking parrot's videos will keep you entertained for hours! Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings. Online, Einstein the talking parrot is popular across many social media platforms. Einstein's favorite places to talk at home is perched on the shower wall, in the kitchen on his drawer, and on his screened in back porch.

As stated on his website, Einstein's mission statement: "To entertain and bring joy, to foster the human-parrot bond, and to convey that parrots are deserving of immeasurable amounts of patience, nurturing, and companionship." Einstein's website ( is designed to inform you about the care of parrots and also entertain you.

Living with a parrot is a big commitment. Parrots live a very long time. They require a lot of care, proper nutrition, training, time and patience. Parrots need a lot of attention and lots of toys and activities to keep from being bored. Parrots are also expensive. It is often said, Having a parrot is much like raising a 2 or 3 year old child for the rest of your life!