Florida Fisherman Rescue

Published June 19, 2018 54 Views $0.14 earned

Rumble / Everyday HeroesOccurred on June 17, 2018 / Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: "We were returning from our day off celebrating parents day, on the way, my son with his jet ski meets this fisherman in a kayak. My son thought I should stay away from him to avoid hitting him with the jet ski, but quickly found out he was trying to survive the kayak sinking. The rest of the story can be seen in the video. When we returned to the beach again to see if he was all right, he was with his family, wife and two children. We asked him again if he needed any more help, he just felt very exhausted after 3 hours of floating. In the end, we were all watching the sunset, we had all survived one more day. A lot of learning we got that day."