Malamute Dog Hops Like Bunny In Tall Grass

Published June 19, 2018 1,200 Views $3.73 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHow do you know if a dog is truly happy? You will see them bouncing around a field of tall grass like a bunny! Well, that and a plethora of other indicators, but to see one that can actually jump as high and long, means that a dog is loved and well taken care of. Like this big guy is and it really warms our hearts!

Loki the Malamute needs to hop high up in the air in order to see what's around, looking just like a rabbit! At one point he reaches the trail between the two fields and raises his head as high as he can, to see if he can zoom to the other end. When that apparently does not help, he darts right in, hopping away like the big, fluffy bunny he is. Too funny!

If you ever wanted a dog that will still behave like a puppy even in its golden years, one that loves to cuddle and talk back, make a few ‘sporadic’ messes in the kitchen and dig a few holes in the backyard and you don’t mind spending your afternoons with a brush in your hand, then the Alaskan Malamute is just the breed for you!

We would love to believe that Alaskan Malamutes are actually wolves, but sadly, they are not. They might pass like a believable wolf on some TV show, but deep down, they would love nothing more than to lounge on the couch next to you. Of course, if he is not “ woo-wooing”, raiding the cabinets in the kitchen for something yummy to fill his tummy, or digging a nice, big hole in the yard.

Still, if you can’t provide him with plenty of room and opportunities to exercise, he might become restless and bored. With their independent nature, some might label them as stubborn, but with correct training, their intelligence is able to shine right through. And with his joy to be alive, he will remain a puppy by your side well into his adult life.

The forebears of the Alaskan malamute crossed from Siberia to Alaska thousands of years ago. One of the tribes, named Mahlemuts, developed the big, fluffy dog we all know and love today, giving it its name. They were used to hunt seals, keep polar bears from visiting their villages, as well as to pull the heavy sleds filled with food or camp supplies. The native people treated their Malamute dogs with respect and valued them highly.

Like their forebears, malamutes are pack animals and they would love nothing more than to spend time with their human pack. So much so, they will insist on being included in all family activities with the rest of the members. If you are looking for a guard dog, then look away, because other than their big stature, there is nothing about an Alaskan malamute that will scare away an intruder. To malamutes, everybody is a friend, even the guy wearing a ski mask in the middle of the night.

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