Adorable Tot Girl Catches Her First Fish

Published June 19, 2018 885 Plays

Rumble This video is beyond adorable! If you are a fan of fishing, you’ll love it! It tells the story about a little girl’s first fishing trip and it’s too cute to handle! I remember the time when I caught my first fish! That’s such an unforgettable memory. I went fishing with my dad, just like the little girl in this video! As the clip starts, you can see that she couldn't be more proud of herself for that incredible fishing achievement. She’s just caught her first fish and she’ll cherish this memory forever. Her dad lets her touch and pat the little fish and so she does, just before letting the little fishy go back into the water. “Bye, bye, fishy! Go find your family!”, those are the little girl’s word as she lets the fish go. In the end, she announces proudly “That’s my first fish, momma!”. So adorable!