Spelling Bee Went Wrong

Published June 18, 2018 8 Views

Rumble I loved spending time with my mom when I was a kid. Especially the long walks around our neighborhood in the evening. My mom was truly my best friend, and I could tell her anything. That’s why now when I have my own children, I always try to spend some quality time with my kids.

This video of mom and cute little girl reminded me of myself and my mom. The resemblance is uncanny. As the video begins, we see a cute girl and her mother pretending she is in a spelling bee at home. The mom asks the girl to spell Love she says "LEIJQHIJK". Then to spell Friend the girl says "HIJKL" then Delilah "OL" and sticks her tongue out then to spell Fun she says "HIJKLMNOP". LOL! They are too cute together, and it melts my heart seeing them spending quality time. Adorable!