Woman Found A Peculiar Man Living In Her Attic

jsansw Published June 15, 2018 49,630 Plays

Rumble / Trending NewsThe thought of someone living in the creepiest place in your house is pretty unsettling in any case. But, there was an especially troubling case in which the unwanted guest was a former boyfriend with a front row seat to watch every move his ex made.

You thought you have seen it all, didn't you? Well, think again!

Can you imagine finding out that anyone, much less an ex-boyfriend, was living in your attic? Well, that is exactly what this woman discovered!

It seems that this woman’s ex-boyfriend was doing a whole lot more than just stalking her. For most of us, having a stalker is scary enough, but this poor woman had to face something on another level. Her stalker was actually living in her attic! Apparently, he had taken fabrics and piled them into the heating unit where he would sleep at night. But then again, was he really doing much sleeping

Seriously… What a freaking nightmare! It seems that there are these metal, slatted air vents in the ceiling of this woman’s house in each of her rooms. It also seems that these vents somehow were visible in the attic. When the ex-boyfriend would be in the attic, he would stare and look down through one of these alleged vents and watch the former love interest while she was sleeping. Even creepier than that was the fact that obviously the woman’s new boyfriend was over quite a bit, and may have possibly been cohabitating with the female. Therefore, that means that the ex was not only watching his lust goal while she slept, but he was also watching the boyfriend!

I mean seriously this sounds too much like a horror film! Usually, we would expect all of that to end with the jilted ex-lover attacking the happy couple in the middle of the night, turning himself into an assailant taking advantage of the element of surprise. However, what the ex-boyfriend did when he got caught is something you absolutely will not believe!

What did he do, you wonder? Did he try to kill them but failed to complete his mission? Did he just attack them in the hopes of hurting one or both of them? Did he harass them or try to scare them?

What do you think? Surely he had to do something horrible though right? He had to do something

What did the man do when his ex and his ex’s new beau discovered him in their attic?

This man just sauntered on out of the house, right through the front door, as if nothing had been going on out of the ordinary whatsoever. No worries at all, and not a care in the world, this unstable character just walked right out. Now that is a big surprise if you ask me. I would be expecting someone who is off far enough to be willing to spy on an ex by living in an attic to have a much more volatile temper than that. That is just quite shocking.

All I can say is, I hope that his next girlfriend has an apartment on a middle floor with no attics or basements! Seriously girls, watch your surroundings! Guys have to do the same as well though! In this world today, you just never really know when someone is on the verge of capability to do something this crazy.