Restaurant Workers Reveal One Of Their Personal Food Tricks

Published June 15, 2018 7,414 Views

Rumble / Life HacksYou don’t need that electric juicer or all-in-one breakfast station to be a good cook. Sometimes all it takes is one good tool to make all of the difference! It is important to make sure you have the best of the basics, and the most essential kitchen tool is a great knife. There is a difference between thin impressive slices of ham on a plate, or uneven chunks of ham that look unappealing and amateur. When it comes to cooking, ask any professional chef what their most prized possession is, and they will tell you that it is their trusty knife! Every professional chef will arrive to their kitchen with a hat, and an apron and their knives securely wrapped in a knife bag!

Preparing to cook can be somewhat of a chore. It is an everyday task like laundry and dishes, but if you challenge yourself to try new techniques, it can be the best part of your day. Having a good knife can make chopping an onion an art form, using a julienne cut on a carrot a thing of beauty or rock chopping herbs an exquisite culinary experience. A good knife will not only make all of your favorite dishes easier to whip up, but will also make your results look more masterful.

One of the most important tools to wisely invest your money in is a good knife. Before making your investment, take some things into consideration. What type of knife or knives will you need for your style of cooking? An all purpose utility knife is usually the first investment as it has the capability for doing make tasks. A chef's knife, which is typically longer than a utility knife, is ideal for chopping, dicing, mincing, and cutting. A small paring knife is perfect for peeling, cutting, and trimming small items of food that you would hold by hand. A bread knife is used for evenly slicing breads and cakes. A cleaver is great for meats. A fillet knife is used for filleting fish. A carving knife is perfect for roasts and large cuts of meat. If you use all of these techniques in the kitchen, invest is a knife set that will provide you many years of happy food prep in the kitchen!

Expect to spend $50.00 or more on a great product. Good knives can run you from $10.00 if found on sale to $1000.00 for a professional culinary tool. But rest assured that in this case, your will get what you pay for. Good knives will be easier to handle, stay sharper longer and feel more balanced in your hand.

It's important to keep your knife sharp. Regardless of how much you have spent on your knife, it won't do you any good if it is not sharp. Invest in a sharpening tool and learn how to keep it clean, sharpened, and care for your trusty new utensil. There are many knife sharpening tools on the market and it may be overwhelming to choose one for the task. You can also use everyday items to may already have on hand to sharpen your knife. These objects include but are not limited to: leather belts, nail files, nylon straps, cardboard, another knife or a smooth stone. While all of these objects will sharpen your knife, it is recommended that a professional sharpening tool be purchased along with your professional knife to make sure that it can do the job it is meant to do!