Toddler Girl Can’t Stand Up After Spinning In A Seat On A Playground

AFVVirals Published June 15, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Can you imagine a better way to spend a spring afternoon than having fun on a playground with your whole family? Check out this little girl little girl’s playground adventures! They involve a spinning chair and getting really dizzy! As the video starts, you can see the little girl sitting in a spinning chair and spinning with a little help from her parents. She’s been spinning for far too long. Her parents lift her up and put her on the ground. But then, when she tries to stand up hilarity ensues! Not only does she fail to walk, she can’t even stand up properly! LOL! Oh, how precious is this little dizzy girl? She loses her balance and falls down as soon as her dad puts her on the ground! It takes her a lot of time and effort to achieve her balance again! LOL! Too funny to handle!