Praying Mantis Jumps Onto A Camera

AFVVirals Published June 15, 2018 538 Plays

Rumble Praying mantises are such cool animals! If you have never seen one of these insects up close, this video is here to provide you with that kind of opportunity! Praying mantises may seem clumsy but they are actually really fast! And the one from this video is definitely not an exception! As the clip begins, you can see a huge praying mantis as it sits on a porch. A woman is recording it, and you can tell that she’s really fascinated by that unusual creature that she’s encountered. And who wouldn’t be? You don't get an opportunity to see a praying mantis up close every day! She gets a little too excited and gets a little too close to the insect while filming the video. That’s too close for comfort if you ask the funny insect! All of a sudden, it jumps onto the camera and the woman freak out! LOL! So hilarious!